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Hedgify Price Protection: Built for Powerful Results

​Our intuitive, AI-based platform arms you with every advantage you need to control your costs effectively. From comprehensive market analysis to customizable price protection strategies, Hedgify enables you to secure your financial margins and sustain a competitive edge.

Transform market volatility 
into your competitive advantage

Hedgify ensures predictable production costs by locking in prices for essential production inputs, giving you financial certainty and a competitive edge.


Mitigate market volatility effects on your production costs.

Beat the

With input costs secure, you can afford to set competitive prices and win a larger market share.

Risk management fit for all businesses

Hassle-free, completely digital experience with no need for financial expertise.

Avoid production
cost losses

Cap the cost of production inputs and protect your margins.

Zero setup

No technical or financial

setup costs.

No hidden

Pay only for what you protect -

no fine print.

See Hedgify at work for you!

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Gain clear, real-time insights with transparent market data. Stay informed and make smarter decisions based on the latest trends and raw material prices.



Leverage AI-driven, customer-specific dynamic strategies. Tailor your risk management plans to adapt to market conditions and meet your unique needs.



Execute your tailored strategies seamlessly, without extra costs. Achieve financial certainty, safeguard your bottom line, and secure a competitive advantage in your market.

Partner with us

Market price certainty for your customers. Revenue stream for you.

How we work

Our 3-Core Approach to Protecting Your Business


Hedgify works for multiple industry types

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